GTap Working Application: Development Stage 1

May 11, 2011 § 1 Comment

Based on the plan in the previous post, we started to code the app. Now, like it always is with planning, we had set our goals very high. So we decided to build the first version of the app. In this, we use authentication through twitter, we don’t have information about the election candidate from his/her blog, news articles etc even though the goal was to provide feed from many places. As yet, we provide his twitter timeline (which, by the way should also reflect upon his views on issue of importance). We have not yet implemented the part where a user can interact with the the larger community, comment on the candidate’s agenda, his/her campaign etc.

So, without all of this, here it is, GTap v1.0!

Here are some screenshots of the app:

The Main Screen with a gallery of candidate pictures.

The candidate Profile Page in a tabbed layout(this was a pain to make :()

First tab shows the profile:

The Second tab has Agenda Points:

The next stage was authenticating the user when (s)he clicks ‘Show Support’ icon(that’s the green icon with a thumb)

To authenticate, we take the user to Twitter’s webView where (s)he can enter their username and password.

Now, loading the tweets!

And finally, the current statistics along with the recent tweets by a dummy candidate we made (The name is ab_lincoln11 and he tweets about Anna Hazare and Jan Lokpal bill 😐 )

This is it for now, though we are planning to code in the missing features I highlighted in the beginning of the post, over this summer. For now, its just CS exams and GRE preparation. Though I am planning to post detailed tutorials about how parts of this app was built. So check the blog in a few weeks!


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