BlueLink: Bluetooth Coupling based Theft Detection Application

April 5, 2011 § 1 Comment

BlueLink was the idea that I had suggested during the initial discussions on the OpenIntents discussion group. OpenIntents is the GSoC 2011 mentor organization under which I am applying for the program. They added BlueLink as an idea on their idea’s page for GSoC 2011 with the name ‘Device Theft Detection Intent’.

I had begun my search regarding the implementation of this application’s functionality with a vague idea of what I wanted it do. I wasn’t very aware of the ‘how’ part of it. So I will put a description of the app ( Its actually a part of my GSoC 2011 proposal) :

”  This project aims at developing an application that is intended to function as a passive anti-theft tool for Android devices. The concept embodied by the application is that Bluetooth-or-wireless-enabled devices in close proximity with each other  for a period of time can be made aware of each other’s presence, and hence react to each other’s absence when separated. The devices would agree to connect to each other and on the course of action that they would like to take in each other’s absence. ”

The work on this application has begun! There is a simple and intuitive User Interface. The User Interface highlights the options that the user would face:

  1. He would either start the application on his Android device.
  2. Or he would modify his setting for the application.

I device screen captured a couple of screen shots from the DDMS perspective in Eclipse and here they are:

The main Activity layout:

The Asking for Bluetooth permission Dialog:

When ‘Play’ Button is pressed!

Toast showing current device MAC address:

As yet, I have been working on the bluetooth device discovery and recognition part. Though the project is in its nascent stage, the detailed road-map and time-line for it have been laid out.

The discussions on the OpenIntents discussion group have shaped the road-map for the application and also brought me closer to the actual implementation of the functionality.

As the application deadline of student proposals for GSoC 2011 draws near, my nervousness regarding the results increases!

As for the application, I will be posting soon about latest developments as and when the implementation reaches the next stage!


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§ One Response to BlueLink: Bluetooth Coupling based Theft Detection Application

  • Emaad says:

    Brilliant interface design, those buttons look really inviting! Neat idea, small and useful; do let me in on some alpha testing. 🙂

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